Our foundation of Old Italian Bloodlines are sourced from some of the most distinguished European families known to the breed.

Just like the Romans and other prehistoric cultures, we use selective breeding techniques and processes in order to produce quality dogs and maintain the intended genotype of the true Cane Corso. The skillfulness of breeding involves learning, studying and exhibiting practices of ethical gene manipulation and pairing. Although no dog is absolutely perfect, we make it our honest intention to seek and pair certain valuable or superior traits in purebred stock that serve an intended purpose.  It is through these processes that we are able to maintain the rich heritage of the “Auxiliary Warrior” while striving daily for betterment of the breed, its health and longevity. Here are some of the dogs we attempt to accomplish this with...

" Smart, trainable, and of noble bearing, the assertive

and confident Cane Corso is a peerless protector. " 

Height: 23.7 in

Weight: 98.5 lbs

Cool Facts: Mia is one of our Sicilian imports. Her true Italian genetics make her a great property protector. Her  favorite past time is squirrel hunting and guarding the fence line. 

Height: 24.2 in

Weight: 126 lbs

Cool Facts: Monroe is intelligently playful. She loves a challenge and leaps in circles when excited from completing a task asked of her.

Height: 27.4 in

Weight: 128 lbs

Cool Facts: Martial is a natural worker with intense guardian instincts. His favorite exercise is Chase the Water Hose! 

Height: 25.3

Weight: 109.3 lbs

Cool Facts: GG is short for Guardian of the Galaxy. One must work to gain her trust. Then there's the amazing, nurturing, nearly perfect motherhood side every breeder could hope and wish for!  

Height: 24.9

Weight: 103 lbs

Cool Facts: Badu is a true Queen. She attracts the most stern and captivates them with her modest disposition and rich fawn colored coat. 

Height: 23.1

Weight: 98.7 lbs

Cool Facts: "Peppa" is high energy and "old school" type. Very driven and protective with great defensive drive. She goes by 'Stunt Devil'.  



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